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How Simplewealth helps you to reach your investment goals

A quick comparison between doing things yourself and letting Simplewealth help you

Managing your own money Using Simplewealth
Price (money cost) Free 0.5% of money invested (per year).<br><br>That’s CHF 5 per year for every CHF 1’000.<br><br>Professional investment services cheaper than a Big Mac.
Time and Effort As much time and effort as you want to spend. <br><br>You will need time to determine your investment strategy. <br><br>This involves researching the best platform to trade on, understanding your trading costs, and determining the investments that you want to purchase. <br><br>You will also need to work out a way to monitor your investments, decide when to rebalance (BUY/SELL) and work out how to control your costs and calculate your income and gains for tax purposes. Sit back and relax. <br><br>Simplewealth will manage your investments saving you time and effort.
Investment Selection Choose what you want, but where do you start? <br><br>You will need time to research what investments that you want to purchase. <br><br>With 1000s of ETFs on the market, which ones are suitable for you? <br><br> Which ones are low cost? <br><br> Which ones are tax efficient for a Swiss resident? Sit back and relax. <br><br> Simplewealth has already researched and selected suitable investments for your portfolio. <br><br>The ETFs in your Simplewealth Portfolio are low cost, tax-efficient for Swiss Tax Residents and suitable for your portfolio.
Rebalancing You can do it whenever you like… or when you remember! <br><br>If you do remember to rebalance, when will you do it and what do you buy? <br><br>What will you do if you forget? <br><br>And, how much will your bank charge you when you need to trade to rebalance? Sit back and relax. <br><br> Simplewealth has automated rebalancing systems in place. <br><br> And – the rebalancing costs are included in your annual management fee.
Trading Costs Each time you buy or sell you are charged. <br><br>At your bank this could be CHF 30-60 a trade. So, when trading with your bank you need to make a gain of at least CHF 60-120 per stock just to cover your trading costs for that stock! Sit back and relax. <br><br>All trading costs are incorporated within our annual management fee.
Discipline Do you have the discipline to keep yourself aligned with your investment objectives? <br><br>How do you control your emotions when the market moves. Will you buy high or sell low? Sit back and relax. <br><br>Our automated systems work on things so you can continue to live your life and enjoy every moment!

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