Affordable management fee

0.5% annually

We will build your portfolio, open a personal account for you (Swiss custody bank) and monitor it for any period of time.

0.4% annually

If you work for a large company or have many people you know, bring total of more than 1 million CHF and get a lower management fee!


We do not charge you additional trading fees, commissions, performance fees, administration fees, entry or exit fees!

Asset management fees include:

Low-cost investing portfolios built and managed based on your priorities

Automatic features like portfolio rebalancing, dividend reinvestment, and auto-adjust

Option to invest in socially responsible business

All onboarding and AML procedures

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Wondering how we make money? We have automated all processes. Algorithms replace the work of 10 people and this drastically reduces costs. Plus automatic analysis of market performance, event-driven actions and much more.

Completely safe & confidential

You are the only one who can deposit and withdraw funds from your account.

Your money is held in a custodial account in your name and belongs to you at all times.

You will hold low-cost ETFs that track the market. You won’t be taking bets on single companies.

All your data is stored in Switzerland, governed by Swiss law.

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