Simplewealth helps put you in control of your future.

The account opening process is designed to:

  • learn about you – importantly, your investment goals and financial situation,
  • create an investment profile for you, and then
  • provide an automated investing system for you.

Here’s how it works:

(a) We ask you to complete an online questionnaire:

  • Our online questionnaire asks questions about your attitude to risk, your investment objective, your investment horizon and your current financial situation.
  • This process only takes a few minutes.

(b) We then design a personalized investment portfolio for you to help you to achieve your investment objective.

  • Your risk profile, investment objective and investment timeline will determine your Investment Strategy and a recommended investment Portfolio.
  • If you want to change the recommended Portfolio, you can.
  • If you want a Socially Responsible Portfolio, just let us know!
  • Our Growth and Balanced Portfolios are suitable for those who are seeking higher long term returns and are prepared to accept greater volatility in financial markets.
  • Our Conservative Portfolios are best for protecting capital or for saving to buy your first home. Long term returns are likely to be lower, but there should be less short term volatility.
  • You can have more than one account, however each account will be charged the applicable fee determined by the value of that account. If you would like to have more than one account please let us know during the application process and we can discuss this further.

(c) The next step is to start to open your Simplewealth Account:

  • Here we ask you some additional questions for identification and regulatory purposes, and ask you to uploaded some identity documents.

(d) Once you have uploaded your identity documents we will:

  • assist you to open an account in your name, and on your behalf, with Interactive Brokers (“Your Account”); and
  • send you an Asset Management Agreement (“Agreement”), so that you can appoint Simplewealth as the manager of Your Account.

(e) Your Account holds the funds (the “Cash”) that you deposit, and the investments (the “Assets”) that we purchase for you.

  • Note: Your Cash and Assets are held “in custody” with Interactive Brokers. They hold the Cash and the Assets in Your Account for administrative and safekeeping purposes. Interactive Brokers is called the “Custodian” of Your Account.

(f) Once we have received your signed Agreement, we will send you the bank details to fund Your Account. You can deposit as much as you like, provided that your initial deposit is at least CHF 10’000. Account balances between CHF 10’000 and CHF 48’000 are charged CHF 20 a month. Account balances of CHF 48’000 or more are charged 0.5% per annum based on the total value of Your Account (charged monthly).

(g) Once Your Account is funded, Simplewealth will manage Your Account in accordance with your Investment Strategy. We will use the Cash that you have deposited to buy and sell Assets (primarily ETFs) on stock markets.

  • Note: ETFs are Exchange Traded Funds. This means that they are funds listed on stock markets and are tradable like shares in publicly listed companies. They follow a specific index, which means that they buy a bundle of shares in publicly listed companies that form part of that specific index. There are 1000s of ETFs available to purchase. We have selected ones that are suitable for your investment strategy, tax efficient and have low total expense ratios.

(h) When managing Your Account:

  • we automatically rebalance your Portfolio to manage your investment risk; and
  • we will reinvest income (such as interest and dividends) that your investments may earn.

(i) The Cash and Assets in Your Account remain yours at all times.

(j) You can make additional deposits to Your Account, in any amount, at any time.

  • TIP: We recommend that you select a monthly automated deposit that you are comfortable with and stick to that regular savings plan.

(k) While you can make withdrawals at any time, provided that the minimum investment of CHF 10’000 is maintained, we recommend staying invested for the duration of your intended investment period.

(l) Sit back and relax. Your Investment Account is now on auto-pilot. You can access and view Your Account 24/7 via the Simplewealth website.

If you have any questions, just ask us. We want to keep everything simple for you!

Simplewealth. Your Investment. Your future.

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