Platform Security

Secure solutions for you and your clients

Database in Switzerland

File storage in Switzerland

You are the only one who owns the key

Cloud or your own server

256-bit encryption

PGP keys


Decryption and encryption proxy

Deploy as a docker image on your cloud or own server

Upload your encryption/decryption key



Client dashboard


Deploy on a cloud


Architecture overview

Every time a new wealth manager opens new account, we ask for security settings. The same security standards apply to the Cloud Security Mode or the On-premises Security Mode. You will have your own individual security settings and unique keys. All data is encrypted with 256-bit encryption.

Cloud security mode

Keys to access your encrypted data are generated and stored securely. You don’t need separate security arrangements.

On-premises security mode

We provide a docker image allowing you to use this service with your existing server (or AWS, Heroku or another provider).