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Simplewealth in Handelszeitung!

Easy Investment for Everyone - Handelszeitung Special «Digital Transformation» 2017 - Apr 11, 2017

A new fintech has been on the market since the end of February this year: Simplewealth.

This is a translation of the article of Handelszeitung (originally in German.)

The very simple platform is designed to help customers minimize the administrative burden. The personal risk profile is generated by means of a questionnaire to determine the optimal portfolio that an algorithm manages.

Investments are possible from an entry threshold of CHF 5,000. This means that the start-up is well below the threshold of the competition.

An online dashboard available at any time and anywhere, as well as annual fees of 1 percent of the invested assets, create transparency. The four founders have already won first customers and are now working hard to improve and expand their offering.

Note: The minimum investment has since been changed to CHF 6'000 and the annual fees have been reduced to 0.5% of the invested assets.