Why Simplewealth? Because this is what we believe

14 Dec. 2020
Mark Ainsworth

The 10 core beliefs that drive us here at Simplewealth are:

1. We believe in investing to achieve financial goals and independence
Simplewealth believes in its Portfolios to achieve long term financial goals and/or financial independence.
Our staff, directors, shareholders and/or family members have invested in our Portfolios and that means that we invest alongside you. We manage your money with the same processes that we manage our own.
2. We believe in equality of access to investment opportunities
We believe in opening up access to investing to everyone who wants to grow their wealth.

We make available to you the same investment thesis and processes that many wealthy people use to maintain and grow their wealth.
3. We believe that you should keep more of your money
For every CHF 1 that you save in fees, that is another CHF1 that you can keep for yourself!

Our fees are a low 0.5% per year for Accounts with CHF48’000 or more.

On CHF48’000 that’s professional investment management for CHF240 a year.

There are no hidden fees with Simplewealth. No additional trading or transfer fees. No commissions. No extra administration costs. No financial planning fees. Moreover, there are no additional performance fees. If your investments do well, you keep all of the gains! See here for further details on our annual fee.
4. We believe in investing in the global economy and receiving benefits from it
We believe you don’t need to put your faith in single companies to invest. You just need to have faith in the global economy.

If you believe that the global economy should be bigger in the future than it is today, then Simplewealth will help you to invest in that global economy. We do this by diversified investing via ETFs in large global companies operating around the world.

For more details read about our Simplewealth Investment Thesis.
5. We believe in contributing to a better world so we offer Socially Responsible Investing!
We can invest your money in Socially Responsible Portfolios.

You can invest your money in companies selected for having better environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies compared to their peers. These include, for example, climate change policies, good labour protections for employees and the staff of service providers, and gender equality policies.

To learn more about Socially Responsible Investing click here.
6. We believe in sharing our knowledge to help you avoid beginner mistakes
We believe in sharing what we have learnt from our research, experience and mistakes. That is why we have built an easy to use investment solution with a low minimum balance to help you to access the global markets. Unlike other wealth managers that may require minimum balances of CHF 1 million you can start your investment journey with CHF 10,000.

Moreover, we are making a commitment to share more of what we know with you through our website. If you have questions or want to learn more about something please feel free to ask! We are here for you and want to help you (and your wealth) grow.
7. We believe in using other people’s knowledge, research and learnings
We don’t believe in following (or offering!) “get rich quick” promises. Nor do we believe in “gambling” on individual companies.

We believe in investing for the long term, using data & averages, using automation and we have faith in the global economy increasing in size over the longer term.

In short, we believe – like many famous investors and as supported by decades of historical data – that, over the long term, a diversified portfolio of low-cost index funds is likely to outperform a high-cost, actively managed portfolio. You can read more about our approach to investing here.
8. We believe in using technology to automate tasks to free up your time
Our wealth management platform has been recognised by WealthTech100 as one of the “world’s most innovative WealthTech companies that every leader in the wealth and asset management industries needs to know about”.

We were one of the first robo-advisers in Switzerland (operating since 2017) and continue to use technology to innovate and to improve our service.

For example, our automated systems will monitor your account daily and rebalance when required. There is no chance of forgetting to manually rebalance at the end of the month, quarter or year!

More importantly, our automated rebalancing means that the rebalancing occurs on market triggers not set time periods.

By using our automated systems you can relax and continue to live your life, enjoying every moment.
9. We believe in following the rules, transparency and simplicity
We are based in Switzerland – the home of independent wealth management and private banks.
We are regulated by VQF and operate under FINMA rules.

FINMA is Switzerland’s independent financial-markets regulator and is responsible for overseeing Switzerland’s financial markets. For further information on FINMA, please see: https://www.finma.ch.
VQF is the Swiss Financial Services Standards Association (Verein zur Qualitätssicherung von Finanzdienstleistungen). As a member of VQF, we must comply with its membership rules and submit to its supervision and audit requirements. Importantly, we must comply with its anti-money laundering rules and comply with its asset management standards. For further information on VQF, please see: https://www.vqf.ch.

We believe in being simple, open and transparent. We don’t believe in hidden fees or surprises. If something isn’t clear – feel free to ask us and we will help to explain things further.
10. We believe in collaboration not competition
We believe in sharing to help ourselves and others grow – and to grow wealthy.
We have partnered with a world renowned custodian (Interactive Brokers) because it has a strong international reputation, is low cost and invests in technology.

We are also starting to work together with a company that researches socially responsible investments to improve our socially responsible investment strategy and with other companies to provide additional services. Watch this space.

Furthermore, we do not keep our tools to ourselves. Other wealth managers use our platform to help their own clients. If you are a wealth manager yourself, you can also use our automated tools and platform. Click here to see how we can help you.

Because we believe in collaboration, feel free to reach out if you have ideas on how we can improve our service or work together.

That’s us!
Simplewealth. Your investment. Your future.
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